WRITE FOR RIGHTS 2016 campaign is starting in Ebisu ! Dec. 4th (Sun.)

AITEN event in Ebisu

Our next event will be held in the pub What The Dickens in Ebisu on December 4th (Sunday). (see map below)

From 16:00, we will be writing letters and discussing Human Rights issues to support the global Write For Rights campaign.

There will be an open-mic event in the pub from 18:00, which you are welcome to join as well.


WRITE FOR RIGHTS is a global Amnesty International’s campaign to mark the International Human Rights day. All over the world, people like YOU and ME gather and spend some time to write letters to

  • prisoners of conscience and opinion
  • oppressed women
  • people from minorities suffering from state-level intolerance
  • people condemned to the death penalty

WE BELIEVE that by sending letters, each one of us has the power to express his/her concerns, raise awareness in the world and eventually enable the release of those prisoners, improve the life conditions of minority and protect each other’s lives. Each year, prisoners are freed thanks to Amnesty’s campaigns and most of all THE INVOLVEMENT OF EVERY ONE OF US.

Here is the list of cases carefully elected by Amnesty International as representing the most actual issues of Human Rights globally:



What The Dickens – Ebisu