Stand up for Our Rights 6th Dec (AITEN Comedy Night)

AITEN is hosting a comedy night on Wednesday, December 6th at 8:00 pm at the Good Heavens Bar in Shimokitazawa. The event costs ¥1500 at the door and includes a free drink!

A portion of the proceeds from the event go to Amnesty International, so it will be a wonderful event that will support the excellent work done by Amnesty International all across the world.  The Comedy Night promises to be a night of laughs, drinks and great food. In addition to the comedy on offer, there will also be opportunities for letter-writing and an auction for prizes to be held that night.

We look forward to seeing you at the Comedy Night on December 6th at 8:00 pm!

 All necessary information is found on the poster attached below.

Meeting on November 10th

Next meeting

 The next AITEN meeting will take place on November 10th (Friday) – we will keep going with the preparation of the comedy night, and the video making project started with Amnesty Youth group. We especially need people with camera skills (and equipment!) to realize this plan and it will be an active session, trying out ideas and drawing up detailed plans. So please try to come – and if you can’t, let us know any other ways you might be able to help. Bringing more young people into AI is a very important priority. We hope we might get other schools involved – YIS and ISSH for starters perhaps.
We’ll continue our letter-writing activities to support prisoners of conscience and oppressed people all around the world.
Place: Amnesty international Japan Office, Kanda

Next events

Workshop tour by Chen Guangcheng,

the blind Chinese civil rights activist who now lives in the USA. The Tokyo date is October 29 (Sun) and there will be a session on the 28th in Kamakura.  Here is the info in Japanese:

1st Stand-up Comedy Night with AITEN !

at Good Heavens, in Shimokitazawa, on December 6th (Wednesday) from 7pm. Please come along with your friends to have a good laugh ! Profits will go to Amnesty International Japan.

Upcoming AIJ events of interest

* Film events on Oct 11th and 25th and Nov 9th & 28th – public showing of sections of The Human Rights, a series of live concerts with U2 and other amazing musicians between 1986 and 1998. These will be held in Shimokitazawa Garden. Tickets are 1,800 in advance and 2,300 on the day. More info on this later.
* On Dec 27th AIJ plans a huge live-house event in Shibuya. Watch this space.
Keep your eye on the many on-line AI campaigns and please think of how you can help our new video project.

Next AITEN’s Movie Night on Sunday 11th

Movie Night

Conviction (2010), starring Hilary SWANK and Sam ROCKWELL, dramatizes the true story of Betty Anne Waters—a high school drop-out single mother with two children and a blue-collar job—whose brother, Kenny, was wrongly convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Unable to pay for a competent defense lawyer to appeal Kenny’s case, Betty Anne decided to devote herself to study to become that lawyer. 18 years later, in 2001, Kenny was released!

AITEN invites you to enjoy the award-winning movie of this amazing story at Good Heavens pub in Shimokitazawa this coming Sunday, June 11, at 5PM.

Next meeting

AITEN is the Amnesty International Tokyo English Network, a group of people living / working in Tokyo who get together to educate and agitate for human rights worldwide . Come and meet us—with no obligation to join— at our next meeting: Weds  June 14th at the AIJ Japan office

AITEN events and meetings in March 18th -20th – 21th !

1. This Saturday, 18th March 2017, Sacred Heart International School
will hold their annual Family Festival.

And again this year the organizers have waived the fee for the table so that AITEN members and supporters can ask
people to write and/or sign cards for Prisoners of Conscience, to buy AI goods or make a  donation, and can support and exchange ideas with the school AI group.
There is food and drink from around the world, an amazing range of stuff to buy, and the festival will go ahead rain or shine, so come to Hiroo subway station on
the Hibiya Line (one stop from Ebisu), enjoy the festival (it runs from 10:00 to 16:00), and help out on our table for an hour or so.
We really need your help!
Poster for the festival:

2.  Next AITEN public meeting is on Monday 20th March  2017 (4 ~ 6:30pm).
      “The Witch-hunts of the McCarthy Era and HUAC, and its lessons
for us today.”

The discussion will be introduced by showing clips from the recent movie “Trumbo,” (English only, running time 120 mins)
starring Brian Cranston. (A version with J subtitles is due in mid-May). Trumbo trailer here.

Come, watch, discuss.

Free admission. No cover charge. Food and great beer available.
The place is the Good Heavens pub in Shimokitazawa. (Google maps

3. AITEN monthly meeting on Tuesday 21st March at the AIJ office.

We’ll be letter-writing and event planning (including what we will do at What the Dickens on Sunday, 2nd April and on Earth Day Weekend at Yoyogi
Park on April 22/23). All welcome, no obligation to join.
Map to Amnesty’s office in Kanda:

Hope to see you at one or more of those. Please forward this notice to
people you know.

“It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

AITEN’s movie night on May 17th (Tue): CITIZEN FOUR

The movie night will take place on Tuesday 17th, 19:00 at Good Heavens, Shimokitazawa (see map below).

For this next movie night, we have decided to choose the documentary “CITIZENFOUR” made by Laura Poitras. It is an interview of the praised whistle-blower Edward Snowden made directly before the huge scandal of the NSA (and its allies) global monitoring system.

In this documentary, a more personal aspect of Snowden is revealed, showing the human-being behind the hero/enemy, with his fears, his concerns, his emotions.

Free of charge, we accept donations to Amnesty International Japan ! (and the beer at Good Heavens is great, so come and enjoy the movie !


March 16th (Wed.) – AITEN meeting in Shimokitazawa, Good Heavens

AITEN January meeting on March, Wednesday 16th

1930~2100 in the GOOD HEAVENS, a bar in Shimokitazawa.

We will start with a new format for our meetings, hopefully more welcoming to newcomers ! The meeting will take place in the Good Heavens around a comfy table, with drinks/snacks and music.

We’ll be letter-writing to support prisoners of conscience and protest against torture, talking about latest Amnesty news and we will keep on planning this year’s actions:

  • Booths and visits to international schools in Tokyo
  • Support to Eskinder Nega through the Ethiopian embassy
  • Fundraising events and concerts
  • Movie projections
  • Drama playing about Amnesty with schools/university students
  • Outreach, stunts

Recently we have plenty of ideas, so we really need your help to make them happen ! Any particular skills may be handy !

Please join us! Here is a map to the office :

ADDRESS : Setagaya, Daizawa 5-32-5

Google maps :

Tel: 03-3411-6774
E-mail :