December Public Meeting


Meeting Minutes
Tuesday 9th December 2008

Venue: AIJ Office
Attendees: Chris, Yuki, Miki, Hisako, Takemi, Itsuki, David, Will, Susanne, Yoko.

1. November Movie Night: 6 people attended. Technical problem. Movie night organizer, Yuki will line up movies for the coming few months and test them on the DVD player. Yuki and Paul, the venue owner, will discuss how to increase attendance. (quiz prize). Publicity material on our activities should be there. Scheduled on the last Sunday each month next year.

2. School group activities:
– ISSH Festival: The group members prepared long information on cases.
– Yokohama International School: 15-20 people attending at the group meeting. Tomone, the group leader created awareness this year. She is graduating from school next year. She needs help to continue the activities. Yuki will contact Tomone.
– International University of Japan: Chris was invited to talk. Some are interested in starting a school group. Chris is talking with Makoto, who says they need to get involved in AI network.

Upcoming Events

1. December 10th, Wednesday: AI Charity Concert for UDHR 60’s Anniversary with Taiko drums and Ainu music.

2. Dec. 14th, Sunday: Symposium on Death Penalty (in Japanese) 13:00 @Meiji University Liberty Tower 1013.

3. What the Dickens Gig: Chris, Takemi, Hisako, Susanne, Yuki, Miki, George, Will, Yoko, David will be there.
– How to talk to people about opposing death penalty. Presentation by Chris. Long discussion followed.
– Raffle : Chris will take care of tickets, prizes(DVD player, AI goods), sales .
– AI Goods Sales : George.
– Letter-writing: Hisako, Miki, Takemi. Background information prepared. 2 cases chosen. We will send huge Xmas cards to a prisoner on the death row and will write Japanese Government for another case.
– Photo/video: Will
– Door rotation: David
– Posters/Signs: Yuki.
– MC/Annoucement: Chris, Itsuki.
– Staff will wear green AI T-shirts.
– Bands: ready to roll.

4. Film Festival: 17, 18 January. Cards/leaflets to hand out are available. Many of the films are in original language with Japanese subtitle. Some should have English subtitle, because they come from the UN Film Festival. We will ask Sonoko Kawakami. Miki/Susanne will translate the schedule into English.

We need a new membership secretary. Discussed at next meeting.

Next meeting: January 13th Tuesday, 2009.