AITEN Meeting January 20th 1pm-5pm (Sat)

Next Meeting

The next AITEN meeting will take place on January 20th (Saturday) at 1pm-5pm. The location will be at the Ookayama Nishi Juku Centre (大岡山西住区センター). It’s a 5 Min walk from Toritsu Daigaku Station. A map can be found at the bottom of this page!


Thanks to everyone who was able to make it to our last AITEN meeting! During our last meeting, we discussed plans, to begin with our video project, deciding upon the style and kind of stories we would like to have told through our videos.

The ideas we had for the videos we should be making are:

  1. Tell stories: Using existing video or pictures with text in order to ask questions like “What can we do about this?”, “What do these three people/countries have in common?
  2. Draw Pictures: Create videos that utilize stop-motion images on a canvas screen to explain issues and problems that Amnesty International aims to solve. Similar to Robert Reich’s video on “The Big Picture” 
  3. Focus on Specific Issues: Focus on issues like the refugees’ crisis, LGBTQ issues, hate speech and specific human rights abuses around the world and within Japan
  4. Create Quizzes: These are similar to videos we often see on Facebook, with video titles such as “How much do you know about?…Come to a meeting to find out!”

Within the meeting, we agreed that all videos should use a minimum amount of text and that they should not be longer than 1min. In addition, we also discussed the use of bilingual voiceover and subtitles, having each video be in both Japanese and/or English.

A final thought, we often talk about issues and problems that are sad and anger-inducing but we would also welcome Good News stories that showcase the progress that Amnesty International makes around the world and the benefits of joining AITEN here in Tokyo!

For the next meeting on the 20th of January starting at 1pm, we will begin recording videos for the next AITEN video project. Come prepared with any art materials or equipment for video-making, as well as your own ideas and suggestions.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!

The location of the meeting is as follows: