AITEN Meeting February 22nd 7pm~8pm (Thur)

Next Meeting

The next AITEN meeting will take place on February 22nd (Saturday) from 7 pm. The location will be at the Amnesty International Japan office, a 5min walk from Shin-Ochanomizu station and 10mins from Jimbocho station. A map can be found at the bottom of this page!

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it to our last AITEN meeting! During our last meeting, we discussed plans for our video projects, deciding upon some key ideas we have for the future.

The ideas we had for the videos were:

1. Answer Questions: Make a series of videos answering some frequently asked questions people might have about AITEN to put on the AITEN website. Questions include “what is AITEN?”, “What kind of activities do we take part in?” ,”What does AITEN do?”

2. Weekly Human Rights Update: Make a weekly series that focuses on a specific human rights case going on right now. We can have members create a quick poster with the specific Amnesty International case, with each member giving quick explanation for this case

3. Interviewing People around Tokyo:  Interview people about Amnesty International in the street, showing them the logo and ask them questions. Ask them if they know about Amnesty International, human rights and problems in Japan regarding human rights abuses.

Finally, we spent some time viewing a documentary about the Hakamada Iwao case. You can read more about him by clicking this link:

For the next meeting on the 22nd of February starting at 7 pm, we will continue discussions on our video projects and set dates for potential filming days. Come prepared with any ideas and suggestions you might have!