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Who We Are

Amnesty International is a movement of ordinary people around the world who believe in justice and human rights. Follow our Links to learn more.

AITEN is an English-speaking group of AI members and supporters living in and around Tokyo. Many of us are from overseas; some are Japanese. We are professionals, teachers, homemakers and students; in other words, people like you.

What We Do

Write letters in connection with AI campaigns & cases.
Educate ourselves and others about human rights.
Attend International School & NGO festivals in Tokyo.
Support AIJ, esp. by fundraising.
Meet and socialize.

What YOU can do

Join our Googlegroup mailing list.
Join our Facebook group.
&Become a member. See “How to join AITEN ” below.
Attend a meeting, event or social.
Volunteer – contact us to discuss how you can help.

How to Join AITEN


Method A (preferred)
Just pay 1,000 yen a month using your credit card:
* You can cancel the arrangement at any time.
* There is no fee or administration charge.

Fill in and send the credit card payment mandate to the AI
Japan office.

Your membership application will be processed promptly. You will be
registered as a member of AITEN (please check the box on the form). AI
Japan will start sending you AI’s bimonthly newsletter, The Wire, right
away. AITEN will also send notices of meetings and events of interest to
you by email.

Method B
Send 12,000 yen annual membership fee to AI Japan by Bank Transfer.
Contact the AI Japan office for a form (in Japanese only).

Video Introductions

Listen to members and supporters talking about AITEN in English, Japanese
and Korean.

Unable to get Youtube feed. Did you supply the correct feed information?

Still not sure?

Even if you are unable to commit yourself to any activity or to attending meetings, please join AITEN right away, and encourage your friends to do so. Membership fees are very important to AI, to finance a wide range of activities and campaigns that promote the idea of universal human rights and protect victims of abuses.

We will start sending you the English-language AI newsletter, The Wire, every two months by post. You will also get announcements of AITEN’s activities and events by email.

As a member of AITEN you are under no obligation. If you choose to write
letters re. cases in The Wire, great. That’s important. It’s the mainstay of our activity, but please read AI’s letter-writing guide and model letters first. These are based on AI’s long experience, and enable you to write letters that are more effective. You can write letters or cards (or, in some cases, faxes or emails) in connection with cases in The Wire, or cases on one of the national AI websites. (See the Links page for a partial list.)

If you want to play a more active role, the sky’s the limit. But please don’t reason, “I can’t attend meetings or other events, so there is no point in being a member.” Please think of your membership dues the way we do – as a vital contribution to the work of a widely respected, international organisation that is making a difference in the world. The attacks on our rights and liberties will not stop. The fight to defend them must not stop, either.

In some parts of the world, even today, people like us are harassed, attacked, arrested, imprisoned, tortured, have their homes fire-bombed, their children threatened, or are even assassinated because they act and speak out on behalf of the powerless. We don’t face that. In fact, it has never been easier to make a contribution to a fairer, better world.